How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to install kitchen cabinet hardware can be a little bit tricky. You need to make some really exact measurements to ensure everything sits flush and even. Of course there is an upside to doing it yourself. You get the exact hardware you want with the added bonus of saving thousands of dollars on a remodel job.

There are all sorts of options available in each type of hardware. We’ll look at a few different types and how to install them.

First thing you need to do is install hinges.

You have a couple different hinge types. Surface mount, and flush mounts are the two most common.

Surface mount hinges are a much easier piece of hardware to install. They install across the face of the cabinet and just require a few simple measurements.

Here’s how to install a surface hinge:

Hold the cabinet door up and mark two hinge positions on the door and on the cabinet itself.

Get a friend to hold the door up in place while you drill the attach points for the hinges.

The next thing is to screw the hinges in place.

Swing the door through its full range of motion to make sure it swings freely and doesn’t bind up where it contacts the cabinet.

As long as you have your friend helping you go ahead and finish mounting up all the cabinet doors at this time.

Installing flush mount hinges is a harder job that still requires a helper.

With flush mount hinges you need to mark offsets on the interior side of the cabinet. The hinge will wrap around the door frame and attach to the back of the cabinet. Other than that the install procedure is the same as for the surface mount hinges.

The next piece of hardware you’ll have to install is the drawer pulls. The two main types of these are:


Surface mount handles simply install with a couple of decorative screws through the handle tang. Just hold the handle in position and drive home the two screws. Measure from the center point of the handle out to the side and bottom of the cabinet door, this gives you a reference point for the handles on all the other doors.

Knobs are just about as simple to install. Once again hold the knob up to the door. Mark the attach point.

Drill through the cabinet door front.

Stick the bolt through the hole and tighten up the knob against it.

For knobs that need two bolts the procedure is pretty much the same. The obvious difference is you’ll need to stick another bolt through. You’ll just have to measure another offset and drill two holes.

Hinges, door knobs and drawer pulls are the main components of kitchen hardware. They require a little bit of mathematical skill to transfer the measurements between cabinets but other than that the installation job is pretty straight forward. How to install kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t really all that difficult. Just take the measurements and find a helper to get the job done.