Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware For You

Cabinet hardware is the last element of your kitchen design. It sets an accent of color into your kitchen. This touch is a unifying element in the design, which would appear “broken” or boring without it. A plate of any material in one color is simply too blunt for a crafted design. Therefore, any descent professional designer will put this little piece of color on it.

Even if you are not a professional designer, you should take into account basic design principles when renovating your kitchen. Choosing the right cabinet hardware is an important step in this process. You’ll find plenty of alternatives. No matter what materials you want (plastic, glass, metal, steel, ceramic) or what kind of style you have in mind (classic, conservative, avant-garde) somewhere you’ll find a vendor which offers it. Therefore, it is important to invest some time into shopping, since it is a matter of time until you find the right price and type of cabinet hardware for you, your kitchen and your project.

When considering which cabinet hardware to buy, remember that not every piece of cabinet hardware will match any cabinet. Both elements have to match in style, color and quality. This rule applies to any knob, hinge, pull or handle. These elements, furthermore, have to match each other. Therefore, it is important to buy all of them from a single source. This will save you money, since if it is online you’ll be paying only once for the delivery. If you are buying them at a local store, you will be saving time.

When buying, remember that physically not every piece of hardware fits into any door or drawer. Some knobs have two holes, so un-mount your old cabinet hardware before you buy the new one. It is also advisable to bring your old hardware to the shop, so you can compare directly how the new will fit.

Another aspect that you should consider is the ease of cleaning hardware. As a matter of fact, kitchen cabinets get dirty quickly. So a too complex piece might look beautiful, but its many details will turn into a nightmare if you want to have it completely clean and shiny.

A last consideration that not many people think about is that older people cannot easily use all kinds of cabinet hardware. For them a handle is easier to pull than a knob.